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We believe that there are five important reasons for joining the MotoFino team.

1.PARTS: We stock and have on hand the parts for each model we sell and have sold. Orders taken in the morning generally go out the same day via FedEx ground. And yes, parts can look the same on the outside, but be really different on the inside. We sell only the “A” grade of parts. Why, because we stand behind them – we replace them if they are defective, so we send only the very best.

2.QUALITY: Our scooters have the highest quality of any scooter in the price range and some would say any scooter at all. We have engineered our MotoFino engine for exceptional long service. No other company uses the components in their engines that we do. This is proprietary engineering knowledge. The body parts are made of the same material that the NFL uses in their helmets. The tolerances in assembly are noticeably close and tight.

3.REAL WARRANTY: We call it a “Real Warranty” for several reasons. First, we have the parts to stand behind what we sell. It does no good to have a warranty if it takes six months to get the parts to repair the scooter. It is a one year engine parts warranty. True, it is not a ten year warranty, but what good is that if the company does not stand behind it. We have a Real Warranty.

4.SUPPORT: It’s true that our President, Tom Simpson, speaks fluent Chinese, but he and all of our staff are Americans and understand the needs and requirements of the American market. We talk your language. We know where you are coming from. We know the questions you have and will deliver the answers you need. We will call you back and talk to you as a friend. We are in business with you. We even have documentation for all our engines – in fact probably the only company with a full detailed operation and parts manual. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace, but you would expect that from a company that builds its reputation on support.

5.TRUST: MotoFino Scooters are fully assembled and ready to go. They are delivered in cardboard boxes with no metal whatsoever that will cause damage to the scooter or harm employees. When you buy a MotoFino, you know that it is coming from Augusta Georgia and you know we are here for good. We engineered the engine, we buy the parts, we oversee the assembly, we work with the EPA and DOT for strict compliance to our atmosphere and safety, we insure the shipping, and we always do what it takes to earn your trust!

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