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The success of any dealership is the ability to serve the customer in such a way that they are happy and recommend their friends to buy from your dealership too. But no customer is ever happy if their scooter is sitting in your shop for weeks and months while you wait for a part. So from the very beginning we decided to build our company on meeting the needs of our dealers.

We stock and have on hand the parts for each model we sell and have sold. Orders taken in the morning generally go out the same day via FedEx ground. And yes, parts can look the same on the outside, but be really different on the inside. We sell only the “A” grade of parts. Why, because we stand behind them – we replace them if they are defective, so we send only the very best.
Dave Richeson is the MotoFino Parts Manager. No one in the industry compares with his knowledge and skills in the parts arena.
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